My name is Nick Falcone, owner of KraftySolutions LLC, and I’d like to take this time to Thank YOU for your interest in KraftySolutions! We started out in 2019 officially, but I have always been someone that likes to find the best solution, the most efficient and possible outcome for the problems we deal with daily! Sometimes that included duct tape or zip ties, and other times it would include creating a tool from scratch that nobody else had thought of.  

The business turned official however, when I wanted to come up with a way to alert those drivers that were practically touching the bumper of my Pontoon, while we drove down the highway at 65 MPH. I knew that if we had to stop abruptly, the car behind me would quite possibly end up on top of my boat. This would not only create an insurance headache, and ruin my beautiful sunny boating day, but would potentially result in someone getting injured. That’s when StrobeStoppers began to form! StrobeStoppers would at least give me that little extra, that could get that distracted driver to pay attention, and realize there was a very large trailer, just inches from their hood.

We are now focusing on creating other potentially life saving devices, and clever (Krafty if you would), ways to make life easier. Thanks for checking out our products and making us the company we have become!